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Giving Back through Business: The Story of Honest Chops  — June 23, 2017
Charity is a core tradition of Ramadan. In the spirit of the holiday, Honest Chops joined the countless Muslim-owned businesses that gave back to their community. Learn how Honest Chops grew their business to grow their impact.
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The Ultimate Student Guide to Eating and Drinking at New York University  — August 31, 2016
When you are on the hunt for a great burger: Burgers by Honest Chops
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What Makes a Burger Halal?  — May 05, 2016
Cooking in America continues with a visit to a halal butcher and burger shop.
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Honest Chops Is Opening a Halal Burger Joint in the Middle of Drunksville  — March 31, 2016
The love of meat is only part of what’s driving Latif and his partners, Russell Khan and Bassam Tariq, to open Honest Chops Burgers, a Greenwich Village spin-off of their East Village halal butcher shop, Honest Chops.
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A Tabletop Sanctuary  — February 01, 2016
Khalid Latif, speaks on Honest Chops and the importance of “Eating food made by someone who knows you, who loves you.”
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Filmmaker, blogger… butcher?  — January 30, 2015
Bassam Tariq, co-founder of Honest Chops, talks about Honest Chops at TEDGlobal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Islam and the Thanksgiving Turkey — November 25, 2014
Not since Lady Gaga sported a gown constructed from raw meat have butchery and couture coexisted in such close proximity.
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Thanksgiving Shopping Guide 2014: Where to Buy Turkey, Pies, and More — November 18, 2014
Or how about halal? The Islam-abiding butchers at Honest Chops in the East Village get its birds from Pennsylvania, too, and these guys are fed a mix of grains, oat, minerals and soy. Bonus: Honest Chops delivers!
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“Fast Food” — November 17, 2014
Ramadan at Honest Chops, a halal butcher shop in New York City’s East Village.
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The New Guard of Grocers: 44 Specialty Food Shops That You Need to Know — November 11, 2014
Don’t venture in looking for pork: While Honest Chops embraces local sourcing, like most of its new-guard peers, it’s a halal establishment, one of the few sources in Manhattan for such meat. 
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Halal butcher Honest Chops sells ‘honest to God’ burgers — May 30, 2014
New York’s Honest Chops has a bigger mission than just selling locally sourced halal meat — its founders see it as an extension of their faith.
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Should Halal Meat Be Organic? – October 10, 2014
The Prophet Muhammad advised his followers to treat animals with kindness and, if needed, kill them mercifully for food. And he didn’t mince words. “Whoever kills a sparrow or anything bigger than that without a just cause, Allah will….
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Meet New York’s Most Devoted Butchers — October 02, 2014
Just in time for Eid, a halal butcher shop is also Manhattan’s hippest artisanal meat market.
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Ramadan Reflection Day 12: Halal or Horrendous? Meat in the Muslim Community – July 10, 2014
In Islam, so much of our spirituality is tied to what we consume and right now a lot of Muslims, and people in general, are not consuming things that are good for them. There is an inherent beauty in an animal giving its life to provide sustenance to you…
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Talking Chop: An Interview with Imam Khalid Latif | Beyond Halal — July 08, 2014
Halal is what halal is, but striving towards complementing that, and not separating it from the tayyeb aspect, that’s the direction we want to push people in….
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