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From right: Russell Khan and Khalid Latif

Honest Chops is a butcher shop located in the East Village of New York City, specializing in serving locally sourced halal chicken, beef, and lamb. We work with a select group of farmers from around the tri-state to bring you all natural, humane, and organic meat you can feel good about eating and sharing. We are a whole animal butchery, embracing a nose-to-tail philosophy to provide you the finest cuts of meat with very minimal waste.
The shop was founded by Russell Khan, Bassam Tariq, and Khalid Latif.  The group of friends met in New York City and opened Honest Chops to serve the community they love.  Honest Chops is a social entrepreneurship initiative which aims to give back.  A large portion of the profits go to help build out social services and institutions that are much needed in New York City.  Every month we distribute meat to soup kitchens, food pantries and families in need around major holidays.
Ultimately, food touches every corner of your life, and our commitment is to provide wholesome humane products and promote practices that respect you, the Earth and our environment.
Come thru and enjoy!
-The Honest Chops Team

We want to hear from you.  Your compliments, your frustrations, your suggestions.
All of it.
Contact us anytime at friends@honestchops.com